Terms & Conditions
Bespoke curtains and blinds
Payment Fabrics / Curtains / Poles, require payment in full against placement of the order.
A 75% deposit must be paid at the time the Order placed with us. We will not able to start your Order until we have received your 75% deposit in cleared funds. The balance must be paid prior to your Order dispatched or fitted.  Please note  that your Order can only be dispatched once we have received the full balance in cleared funds.
When you place an Order with us we will send you confirmation of your Order in writing. You must sign and confirm your order confirmation and post it to us or sent us an email confirming your order in writing.
Additional Work:
Any additional work undertake, that it is not specified on an order, it would be an extra charge. $30 per hour on labor and $90 per visit.
Invoice / Receipts
All paper work, i.e. invoices / receipts will be issued at the appropriate time(s).
Your Order will take approximately four to five weeks from the date show on the order confirmation, unless a specific date has been agreed and is confirmed in the order confirmation.
Cancelling Orders
If you have ordered a bespoke curtains and blinds, you may cancel the Order in providing  you, notify us no later than 72 hours for a measure.
Fitting Service
Curtains / Blinds / Curtains Track. Fitting Service is available with New York City Area.  A quote for fitting for goods is available upon request. Fitting charges are quoted on the basis that we are able to obtain good fixings for the tracks, poles and fascia boards and we are able to obtain unobstructed access to your window on our first visit for fitting.  If at the time of fitting Goods it is discovered that due to the condition of your walls or substandard building work good fixing cannot be obtained, or we do not have free unobstructed access to your window, we will not fit the  Goods ordered until the building work good necessary to allow us obtain good fixing has been completed correctly or you have have cleared the access to your window.  We will not be responsible for carrying out any building work or for moving any items to clear access to your window.   We reserve the right to make an additional charge if we have to return to your property on a second occasion to complete the fitting of your Goods after such building work has been completed or access cleared.
Any written notice you want to sent us must sent to us at: Rowena Interiors Design & Soft furnishing Specialist
67 35th Street Studio 5 B500 Brooklyn New York. 11232