Single Pleat
Curtains have just a single pleat, they are smart, but casual at the same time. They can be a perfect option more many windows. 
Hand Made Curtains 
Each piece is beautifully hand-crafted, made to measure and uses carefully selected fabrics from high-quality suppliers, such as Ian Makin, James Hare, etc. Each curtain and Roman Blind is custom made to the exact dimension of the window and to your exact specifications.
Rowena’s bespoke service is tailored to each client’s individual taste, requirements and character of their property. She is also able to offer specialist advice on fabrics, colors, and suitable style techniques for dressing the window.
Rowena’s service guarantees that clients are involved at every stage of the creation. She is committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction with the finish article.  Rowena and her team take care of every detail, from the initial consultation, through to the final installation.
Anatomy of our Custom Made Curtains 
Our high-quality bespoke curtains are an investment for your home and designed to last for 10 years or more.
They are designed and proportioned to your windows to become part of the architecture of the room. Handmade in every detail, apart from the seam joining the widths, always with high-quality interlining and lining in 100% cotton. 

The interlining is lock–stitched to the main fabric to protect the outer decorative fabric. The hem is sewn with a herringbone stitching that allows for a bit of give and the lining is attached with an invisible stitching technique. 

We use buckram in every headed pleat style. The buckram is inserted to stiffen the heading, which is then hand
stitched and finally, the curtains are completed by sewing the hooks on by hand.
Goblets Pleats
Suitable for both poles and tracks this is our most popular type of curtain. This type of heading does give windows a tailored and very fashionable look.
Triple Pleats 
Three pleats are pinched together to create an elegant fold for a curtain that hangs very well.  Accurate measurements for this style are very important, as the heading will be tailored to fit the actual size of your track or pole closely.
Pencil Pleats 
Suitable for both poles and tracks, this is a classic versatile heading appropriate for most rooms. We have chosen to use a deep tape to create very elegant pleats giving these curtains a more contemporary feel.
Double Pleat
curtains are pinched twice to make a double pleat. It uses slightly less fabric than triple pleat curtains.
Cartridge Pleat 
Curtains have a cylindrical shaped pleats. The cylindrical shape then runs down into the main body of the curtains.
Wave Curtains
Can be hung on a variety of tracks, including electric. They tend to be unlined and lighter in weight curtains. They are popular in modern buildings with big glass area.
Inverted Pleats Curtains
A sleek, flat front hides the pleats of inverted pleat curtains. The clean lines of these stationary panels are particularly suited to contemporary or modern interiors.